My Approach

to photography

Sarah schaaf, founder & owner

My sessions are tailored for those who share a deep, abiding love for their equine companions.

My mission is simple: to tell stories through my lens, creating irreplaceable, lifelong memories for you. My aim is to offer a bespoke experience, one where your confidence shines through, and your story with your horse is narrated in the most beautiful way.

Each horse and rider relationship is as unique as the stories we aim to tell through imagery. I want clients to embrace their uniqueness in our sessions so we may celebrate and showcase your individuality. 

visual artist, photographer, lifelong horse lover

based in Louisville, KY

"Above all, I practice compassion for all beings, and I believe that animals play the most incredible and unmatched role in our lives - to love them is a privilege."

My philosophy

My story begins like most, with one very special horse.

Not a once in a lifetime horse, a once-in-1000-lifetime horse - a chestnut mini named Patrick. He isn't just a heart horse; he is my soul horse and companion, influencing every aspect of my being. Growing up, our bond was natural and profound, and my obsession with horses grew alongside our relationship.

I spent countless hours drawing horses and photographing Patrick, aspiring to capture the beauty I saw in magazines.

Our journey together has included performing at prestigious events like The Kentucky Three Day Event and Breyerfest, leading to Patrick becoming a Breyer Model Horse in 2019.

This honor was a culmination of a lifelong dream, showcasing his exceptional talent to the world. 

Going to college in Lexington, KY I was only 15 minutes away from the KY Horse Park at any given moment. I would spend many free days and afternoons there with my camera, just practicing composition, timing, and lighting. Continuing to chase that dream producing images like the ones I’d seen in magazines as a child. Opportunities blossomed here, giving me the chance to work for photographers at some of the country's premier horse shows, and further developing my skillset.

Now, I combine my unique approach as an artist and my skills as a photographer with my deep passion for horses to create an incredible photoshoot experience for my clients. 

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